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Best Fruit Fly Trap – How to Choose

It becomes a constant challenge among these households to deal with fruit flies, especially to those who haven’t found the best fruit fly trap.

If you and your family eat fresh produce and fruits on a daily basis, then fruit flies are a common sight around your home. Fruit flies have a very strong sense of smell where even from miles away, they can immediately smell ripe fruits and find a way to get inside of your home.

The Problems With Fruit Flies

Who would even want to consume a bowl of fresh fruits with dozens of flies flying above it? Contaminated food is good as trash. You would not want your family to be infected by diseases carried by flies. Flies are efficient carriers of various diseases.

Although they do not directly harm people, they are still considered a threat to human health. Not only that, they can be dangerous to your pets too. The existence of flies is often associated with a lack of sanitation. However, that is not always the case since fly infestation can happen anywhere.

Even if you have a completely clean home, you would still notice flies flying around your kitchen. This may be due to the lack of sanitation in nearby areas.

Finding For The Best Fruit Fly Trap

best fruit fly trap

A lot of households with small children face this challenge every single day because you can never expect small slices of apple cores, oranges, and banana peels to immediately go inside your trash bins.

Come the summer months, some home owners even come to the point of making their own homemade fruit fly traps. And then place them in various areas of the home most especially their kitchen to get rid of them.

Fly traps are the most cost-efficient fly killers today. There are various products that can get rid of flies but only fly traps offer the least danger. Fly sprays may contain toxic chemicals that pose a threat to human health which is why they are not entirely recommended in all situations.

Fly sprays, however, are a great remedy for extremely populated flies or fly infestations outside the home. On the other hand, fly traps offer a more convenient and safer way to exterminate flies. The only downside to these products over the fly sprays is that it may take several uses before you can observe a significant decrease of flies in your premises.

Making Your Own Fruit Fly Trap

When it comes to fruit fly traps, you can actually make your own while at the same time, you can also buy them from your local stores. What makes the former different from the latter? Basically, since both of them are fly traps, they are used to lure flies with the use of some scent that the flies are attracted to.

With homemade fruit fly traps, however, you will be using real ripe fruit to attract fruit flies while the regular fly traps make use pheromones that are not detectable among regular people.

If you do not want to go through all the hassle of creating your homemade fruit fly trap, you should purchase an effective fly trap at a local store instead. But if you are not willing to spend your money on controlling pests, such as flies, making a homemade fruit fly trap should not be that difficult. You will just need to get a few ingredients and materials and you are good to go.

What You Will Need

If you are planning to make the best fruit fly trap, you will need the following:

  • Vinegar;
  • Paper (just one piece wrapped or folded into a cone);
  • Mason jar; and
  • Fruit (just one piece of ripe fruit)

What You Will Need To Do

Basically, if there are excess overripe fruit, get rid of them and have the mess thoroughly cleaned. You have to remove any food that they are attracted to in order for them to get inside of your jar.

When you have removed all of them, add the vinegar and fruit inside of your jar and insert the paper cone with the narrow portion down. Since fruit flies get attracted to the scent of fruit and vinegar, they will move their way inside the jar.

However, they cannot get out of them anymore. The end result is they either die or you can take the jar outside and release them. You will need to leave the homemade fruit fly trap in specific areas for a couple of hours or until the trap is already full of dead flies.

You can still reuse the same fly trap by cleaning it thoroughly. A mixture of vinegar and ripe fruit is all it takes to lure fruit flies into the trap.

Final Thoughts

Fruit flies are one of the most common pests found among kitchens. Not only are they attracted to fruits, as their name implies. But also are attracted to different things. These include garbage cans, mushrooms, meat, soda, vegetables, alcohol, wine, or any decaying organic matter.

Using the best fruit fly trap can make a whole lot of mess inside of your home. And they are pretty much great at inviting fruit flies to explore all the other places in your home that they can feed and lay their eggs in.

It only takes a few days before they can start to breed and multiply their numbers increasingly. Fruit flies do not typically stay on one location for too long. But, this is not enough reasoning why you should not exterminate them.

Fruit flies carry harmful diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, and headache. There are even some cases of casualties that are associated to food contamination due to flies.

To avoid having to make all of this mess and wasting a lot of your energy and time, you may shift with buying the regular fly traps. You may find them in your local stores. These have been shown to effectively cover major areas of your home and get rid of your fruit fly problems effectively.

You can try out different kinds of fly traps out there. So, that you can find the most suitable one for you. You can start with the afford tape traps. Since it =can effectively kill hundreds of fruit flies in just a short span of time.