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Best House Fly Killer: The Complete Guide to Controlling Flies at Home

Do you know what’s best house fly killer?

Flies are one of those insects that bring about a lot of problems on so many people.

They are well known for carrying deadly diseases and then spread them to any living creature that they infest.

Flies are active creatures that they go from dirt to food spreading diseases even more from various food items such as meat.

Flies thrive in environments that are very much suitable for their growth and breeding. When they have found a suitable environment to breed, they are able to multiply in great multitudes in just a matter of weeks. It might already be too late before you notice their infestation in your property. You would need to invest in the best house fly killer in this case!

Flies as Pests!

These creatures have the strongest sense of smell that they easily get attracted to food, most especially the sweet kind. Flies actually feed on solid food in a direct manner. Once they land on any solid food, they typically vomit on the food and this creates some sort of solution. The fly will then suck on the food. This is basically the process that lets these flies contaminate the food that you eat. The flies do not end feeding on food until all are consumed. A single food can attract hundreds of flies in just a few minutes. Contamination happens when flies that have landed on unclean materials infest on your food sources.

As mentioned above, flies carry a number of diseases. Some of the most common diseases that they bring include cholera, tuberculosis, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, and so on.

Fly preventive measures at home

Even if flies can go in and out of your home as they please, there are some preventive measures that you can take to control them from doing so. As the old adage goes, prevention is always better than cure. So, even if there are no flies yet inside your home, it is best that you prevent them from going inside of your home before your home will have a number of them. Taking preventive measures for fly infestation is the best way to control flies in your property. Here are some ways for you to prevent their presence.

Always keep your food well covered

If flies come in contact with them, they will be contaminated with whatever diseases they have brought with them. By doing this, the spread of diseases will be prevented at home. When serving food to eat, do not leave it uncovered for a long period of time. Flies get attracted to the smell of food and may even be the start of the feeding of a swarm of flies. Store your food in sealed containers and refrigerators immediately.

When food and drinks are spilled, immediately clean them afterward

Keep in mind that flies have a good sense of smell. If your home is not clean, this will easily attract them. Even spilled water should be wiped dry immediately. Flies would also look for water sources near their food. If possible, use a cleaning product when wiping your tables and countertops.

Thoroughly clean all food debris found under your kitchen appliances

Some of your ingredients might have fallen below which can potentially attract nearby flies. After cooking, always make it a habit to clean your used kitchen appliances.

Keep your litter bins tightly closed using their appropriate lids

This ensures that these flies will not be making this litter bin their breeding site. The most common breeding area of flies is inside trash bins. Where there is garbage, there are flies. Of course, your home will always have garbage so to prevent flies from infesting, make sure to seal your trash binds with covers.

Always clean up your pet’s waste

It can serve as a good breeding place for these creatures. Also, they can be a place where these flies will land and will then get to your food. If you own a dog or a cat in your home, create a dedicate spot where they should defecate. This way, you can easily dump their waste and not be able to attract flies.

Always keep your compost pits enclosed and well covered

To control the growth and spread of flies inside of your home, you can check their breeding sites and make sure to get rid of them so that they will not multiply and infest your home.

The breeding sites of flies can be quite hard to pinpoint since they do not just breed on food sources but also on carcases of animals and animal waste. Surrounding areas that are beyond your premises might be the breeding grounds of the flies that you are seeing in your home.

If all preventive measures and control measures fail, you now proceed to using extermination methods to get rid of them such as using the best house fly killers. Here are some of them.

Use insect repellents that come with natural ingredients

These serve as the best house fly killer products such as eucalyptus oil and herbs that are aromatic. Insect repellents do not kill flies but only repel them. If you want to permanently exterminate flies, you should use aerosol sprays that are designed to kill flies.

The only downside to such products is that they contain harmful chemicals. Although they are efficient fly killers, they still pose a threat to the health of the members of the households, pets, and plants.

Another of the best house fly killer includes the use of fly traps

You can do them yourself such as using artificial fly traps, human made fly traps, and more. There are many different kinds of fly traps. There are those that are mechanically operated and there are those that are disposable. Disposable fly traps, such as the tape traps, can effectively exterminate a number of flies in just a few hours. The purpose of fly traps is to lure flies into their sticky surfaces.

You can also make sure of electronic fly killers to get rid of them.