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Fly Killer – Choosing The Best Weapon

Flies have been a scourge on this Earth since the dawn of time. From being dirty, vile creatures to increasing the infection of the black plague, flies have done nothing more but be a general nuisance to all beings around them. Flies are only good at carrying diseases and passing them to humans and other animals. Although not generally deadly, the harmful bacteria they carry are potent enough to cause casualties. Any homeowner would not want the existence of flies in their property. Flies can be both dangerous and annoying. But hopefully, with the help of this guide, you too can join the fight and become a mass fly killer.


The fly trap or fly killer has had its fair share of iterations. From being a simple jar with a couple of holes and raw meat all the way up to now when we have loaded salt guns ready to fire sodium chloride upon them. All traps and methods throughout time work to some degree, but the latest advancements in fly killing technology are usually the better option to go with. Nowadays, the best solution is usually a fly trap bag or an electric trap. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but overall they’re both great for setting up a trap quick and easy. Traditional fly traps are still in use up to this day.

However, there are various developments in the tools used for killing flies. Electric traps have become very popular to many homeowners nowadays. They are very convenient to use and requires less cleaning and maintenance. The only downside with electric fly killers is that they consume quite a lot of electric energy. If you use one daily, you should expect an increase in your electric bills by the end of the month. Nonetheless, if your main goal is to exterminate flies in your home, using an electric fly trap is the most effective thing to do. Many other fly traps can be purchased from local stores and they differ in terms of effectiveness against flies. They are all, in some way, still very useful in most fly infestations in residential areas.


There are multiple solutions to creating the ultimate fly killer. Some traps and fly killers use odors and lights to attract the flies. Some fly killers are silent, and some have a certain recognizable pop. There are methods that utilize the deprivation of food and water from flies, which can lead to a foul smell developing. These kinds of traps are not recommended for indoor use. From using water to even sticky tape, the possibilities are endless for how you want to devise a way of ridding yourself of these pests. Insecticide sprays are traditionally used to eradicate flies in large numbers.

However, they are no longer highly recommended today since many of these sprays contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans, plants, and animals. There are some sprays, such as natural aerosol sprays, that can repel flies without the need for strong chemicals. However, they can only repel flies and not kill them. Recurrence will be an issue in the future. If you want a safe and effective method to kill flies, you should try out fly tapes first. Fly tapes are sheets of paper with a sticky substance on the surface. Each sheet has a certain smell that flies mistake as rotten fruit. Once they set foot on the surface, they will be stuck for good. In a matter of minutes, hundreds of flies will get stuck in the fly trape traps.


There are several methods of killing flies. Some use water to drown the flies, others use an electric shock to quickly zap the bug. Consequentially, if you have small children or animals within your house, you may want to avoid the electric shock method. Methods that use a strong odor are also not advised to be used within the household. Odor methods usually rely on the passage of time to kill flies and lead to fly bodies piling up within the trap and smelling rancid.

It may take time to kill a huge number of flies if you decide to go with the odor method. There are many fly trap devices that use odor to attract flies. Flies typically rely on smell in hunting for food and fly traps mimic the smell of food that flies get enticed to. Fly traps that use odor to kill flies are mechanically operated which means that electricity consumption is no longer required. If you want the fastest and easiest way to kill flies, you should go for electric fly traps.

Insect Repellents

If you don’t want flies buzzing around you and simply would rather them just leave you alone, there are many home remedies which you can consider. For mosquitoes, it’s best to use a strong smelling spice or any kind of oil. The oil protects your skin as it will deter the mosquito. Eucalyptus and lemon oils and juices help deter most if not all insects. But please do remember that insect repellents are only able to repel flies, not kill them. You will need to use repellent products daily to avoid flies from entering your property. The good thing about repellents is that they do not pose any harm to the environment and people. Natural oils and other naturally-occurring chemicals are used as main ingredients of insect repellents.

Homemade Fly Killer

While fly traps that come assembled out of the box work well, sometimes it’s best to make your own. If you are to go about this route, apple cider vinegar is used to attract the desired insects while keeping bees out. Homemade fly killers are okay if you’re on a budget, but for what you get out of a purchased product, it’s well worth the money. On this site, we have some ideas on homemade fly traps. You should be able to create an effective homemade fly trap without spending too much money.

Types of Bait

A good fly killer will always have a form of bait. Depending on where you wish to get rid of insects, you’ll want to decide between a light or food bait. If you’re looking to catch bugs inside, food bait will suffice. If using food bait, be wary that the smell will build up from the dead bodies of the flies. It’s recommended to make a new trap and replace it every week or so as to not let the smell develop. If you’re looking to catch bugs at night or in a dark area, a light source will be beneficial.

Types of Fly Traps

There are multiple ways to kill flies. Depending on what bait you’re using, you’ll usually want to coordinate it with similar materials. If you’re using a light, you may want to try the electric approach. If you’re going to go for a more natural approach, water or apple vinegar would work as a drowning agent.

There is also the possibility of restricting food and water to the flies after trapping them for an extended period of time, but this leads to developing a foul odor within your home. Although, to make up for this, they are by far one of the most effective fly traps in the market. If you want to use these insides, be sure to empty them out multiple times per week and do not allow the smell to permeate your home.

Buying a Fly Trap

If you’re looking for a passive way of absolving yourself of annoyance, a fly trap is the way to go. Fly traps aren’t always expensive. For what you pay, you actually receive quite the bargain. The RESCUE! Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap is quite effective and is very cheap. These are not intended for indoor use, though. The smell can become quite sickening and embed itself into your clothes and skin.

After all the flies are trapped, you may then dispose of them however you choose. On the other hand, if you wish for a way to enjoy your patio at night, then you should consider the Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Inset Killer (obviously if you have a much larger area you’ll want the one with the most coverage). With light and electrical traps, it’s best to place them close to your area of enjoyment, but far enough away as to draw away the bugs from that area. Another good product is the KATCHY Electric Insect Trap.

The Direct Approach

Not all of us have the patience to wait for a fly trap to fill up. Some of us would rather go with a more direct approach: the fly killer. If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck. There are two very popular options going down this route: the tradition fly swatter or zapper and the newer salt gun.

If you want some satisfaction whilst killing flies, then I would suggest an electric fly swatter. We have an article on electric fly swatters and which ones we recommend. As previously mentioned, the newer salt gun method (primarily the BUG-A-SALT 2.0) while fun, requires both skill and coordination. Without those, it’ll be much less effective than the bug zapper. But if you want to have some fun and learn something new, give it a try.