Effective Black Fly Bait Options to Choose From

Flies are everywhere. No matter where you live, there will always be flies. The world would have been a better place if these flies were harmless. Though some will not harm you, unfortunately, there are some that will.

Among common fly species, they can transmit over a hundred life-threatening diseases. While some cannot transmit any diseases, their sting can still be painful to bear among both humans and animals.

About Black Fly Bait Products

One smart move to effectively get rid of the flies that are bugging you is to know what kind of fly you are dealing with. Not only will you know the level of threat you are facing but what effective fly traps and black fly bait products you can use on them.

With the various products to choose from today, you are only left to wonder which one is the most suitable for your specific environment. The best bait product depends on the severity of fly infestation and surroundings.

You can learn more about this topic by reading this article which contains basic information about flies and their control products.

Knowing Your “Fly”

One of the most common flies that you may be dealing with are black flies. Black flies also go by the name of buffalo gnats or turkey gnats depending on where you reside. Though these flies do not transmit diseases, they have certain feeding habits that can be very painful on the skin of humans, livestock, and poultry that they feed on.

Black flies, just like any other type of flies, are considered pests in the home. In any case, their presence should be considered a threat to human health. Thus, exterminating them in the soonest time possible is critical.

Here are some of the characteristics of black flies that make them distinct from other flies:

  • Black bodies
  • 5-15 mm in size
  • Bite-size ranges from small skin punctures to golf ball-sized swelling
  • Creates a problem in Upper Midwest and Northeast areas for outdoor recreation

Black Fly Management

It is highly recommended that you utilize preventive measures whether or not you have fly issues at home or in your property. Once you know the places where these flies breed, then the better it is for you to control them. Pest control experts should be able to locate the source of the infestation in your property.

Black flies can grow in great numbers in just a few weeks. Once you start to notice them regularly, it only means that they have successfully invaded your property. If there isn’t any fly in your home, it is still important to take preventive measures to prevent them from habituating.

However, if you already have a fly infestation in your property like with black flies, then you have to find effective black fly baits that you can use to get rid of them.

Finding Black Fly Baits

If you are looking for a black fly bait that is budget-friendly, then you should start with fly traps. Fly traps are easily found in your local stores. You have to know what kind of fly you are dealing with in order for you to find the most effective trap, so in this case a black fly trap.

Keep in mind that fly species have specific food sources that they are attracted to. For effective black fly traps, they come with black fly baits that are placed inside special containers that come with a cone cap. This allows flies to easily enter them and then end up having a hard time getting out of them.

Conventional Black Fly Trap

A conventional black fly trap attracts black flies through its scent. The uncontrollable fragrance of the black fly trap is emitted from its sticky surface. Once the black fly lands on the surface, it will not be able to get out and eventually die.

Black fly traps can attract a large number of flies in just a few minutes. For this reason, the fly baits must be replaced and disposed of once they are already full of fly carcasses. A traditional black fly trap is the least expensive method of exterminating flies but it requires patience before you can notice significant results.

Pheromone Traps

Another popular black fly bait use in fly traps are what you call the pheromone traps. This kind of trap has gotten its name from the special chemical scents that it produces. They are effective in attracting black flies rather than the other baits that come from food sources. Such scents mimic the scents of their black flies.

This basically means that when you use this bait, the flies will be tricked into going to their fellow flies when in fact they are headed to a trap.

The scent can only be smelled by insects so you do not have to worry about getting a smelly home. Nonetheless, if you are not able to dispose of the used pheromone traps, they can produce unwanted smell around.


Another budget-friendly black fly bait is flypaper. This one of the more traditional house fly traps that you can use for black flies. You have the option to lay it along surfaces in a horizontal position or have it suspected from your ceiling.

The paper comes with a chemical attractant like the pheromones as well as an adhesive that all lead to the trapping and killing of the black flies.

You can install flypapers everywhere and you can even put them outdoors. This product is highly popular in commercial establishments where food sources are in great numbers.

Restaurants and food centers typically use flypapers to control the number of flies inside the premises. It would not be very appealing for customers to eat amidst the presence of flies.

Final Thoughts On Baiting Black Flies

Using the best fly bait product will definitely help you in exterminating black flies in just a short period of time. However, you should not be entirely complacent that the flies will never come back because eventually they will. It is recommended that you still continue using fly bait products until the pests are exterminated from their sources. You will only experience a fly-free property once sanitation is strictly observed all over the premises.