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Effective Green Bottle Fly Traps to Keep in Mind

Green bottle flies are one of many common large flies that come in metallic green colors, as their name implies. Like most flies, they are fond of flying up and down your windows making that annoying buzzing sound that most people consider a nuisance. Which is why Green Bottle Fly Trap products are very rampant as well.

Green Bottle Flies and Getting Rid of Them

These flies are scavengers who are noted for leaving their eggs on decaying fish, meat, garbage, dead animals, and fecal material. They can contaminate food and water sources as well, leaving a greater risk of diseases for the household.

Exterminating such flies is critical to any home, especially in areas where food is preserved and cooked. There are some steps that you can take for you to effectively get rid of them if they are a constant presence in your home.

One effective method of getting rid of them will be to use a green bottle fly trap. A fly trap is an effective way of catching and exterminating pest without the hefty price tag. You can easily buy one at a local store or through online. You can even make one yourself at a lower cost.

Things To Learn First

Before knowing how you can make your very own effective green bottle fly traps, there are other additional facts that you need to know about green bottle flies. To start, these flies usually breed inorganic material that is damp like dead animals and garbage.

This means that when you find these pests inside your home, for sure they have come from an outdoor source. When there are a small number of these flies found inside your home, this usually means that they come from an outdoor source.

The Source of The Flies

Green bottle flies do not just exist in unclean areas. Even places with a high level of sanitation are no exception. You can never be sure that you will have a fly-free home even if you strive to keep your premises clean.

However, if you find a number of these flies inside of your home, this implies that you have an indoor infestation ongoing. While indoors, you should look for signs such as dead birds or rodents that might have been living in your crawl spaces and walls.

They could also be living under your appliances as well as in your lower cabinets. You can easily locate the source of the infestation because green bottle flies typically leave an unwanted scent in the home.

Once you pinpoint the source, exterminating them will become so much easier.

While outdoors, on the other hand, roam around your home and check any dead animals outside. You can start with your garbage containers as well as the area near your dumpsters. You may need to change your garbage bags immediately if you notice a number of flies flying around the garbage containers.

Also, check on other areas of your property because there might be dead animals that are not visible from afar. If there is any, bury the carcass to prevent green bottle flies and other types of pests from multiplying.

If you have found your home to be infested with green bottle flies whether the source is outside or inside, you should be able to prepare your very own green bottle fly traps.

The Green Bottle Fly Traps

Currently, there are different kinds of these traps that you can choose from to both controls and eliminate these flies. Most fly traps are highly effective in eliminating green bottle flies. However, the most suitable one for you will depend entirely on your situation.

You may need an outdoor fly trap if the breeding area of the flies is outside your property. If you are noticing a number of green bottle flies inside your home, you can go for disposable tape traps that can effectively catch and eliminate a number of flies in a few hours.

One green bottle fly trap that you can use is the so-called pheromone traps that utilize sexual attractants to lure these flies into a liquid trap or a sticky pad. The previous models of such light traps only make use of standard light bulbs. They were able to attract such pests but they are not as effective in attracting pests as the use of ultraviolet lights.

Most insects like the green bottle fly trap are more attracted to ultraviolet light; however, such a green bottle fly trap is used primarily for fly control. There are a lot of benefits to using ultraviolet fly traps. For one, they are effective for pest elimination but will never harm pets or people. For indoor fly control, these ultraviolet fly traps are much preferred since they are not harmful like pest control sprays.

Unlike the traditional pesticides, pheromone traps contain little to no toxic chemicals. You will not have to worry about the health of your family, pets, and plants while using these products.

Efficiency and Reliability

The effectiveness of your ultraviolet green bottle fly trap depends on the number of bulbs, the wattage or power of the bulbs, and how the green bottle fly trap has been configured physically. Low power traps that are placed inside homes, restaurants, and dining areas do not emit very powerful UV rays like the professional or high-power traps used in warehouses, receiving areas, and food preparation areas.

The only downside of this product is it cannot eliminate green bottle flies in one go. It will take several days before all the flies are eliminated. For as long as the source of infestation still exists, green bottle flies will continue to thrive. This product, however, can help control the number of flies entering your home.

Tape Traps

Tape traps are very affordable yet effective to use. They are proven to be very useful in homes and other small establishments. A single tape traps can catch and kill hundreds of flies in just a few hours. Such tape traps have to be set in the open during daytime since most fly species hunt for food during the day.

If you want to know the best fly traps that many homeowners use today, you should try checking a local department store and look for available fly traps.