Everything You Need to Know About Stinky Fly Traps

More and more homeowners are choosing eco-friendly options when it comes to dealing with common issues present in their homes. One of the most common issues in most homes are flies. If you are looking for an effective method to get rid of flies that is also eco-friendly, then you should get stinky fly traps.

What Are Stinky Fly Traps?

This particular type of fly trap is best used outdoors. These fly traps are effective in getting rid of most species of flies. Stinky fly traps are disposable and cannot be reused. To compensate, they come at very affordable prices. They are also very easy to use.

All you have to do is peel off the outer covering and set the traps around your premises or in areas where there are many flies. A single sheet can kill hundreds of different species of flies.

The Targeted Flies

These flies can range from common house flies, stable flies, filth flies, blow flies, green and blue bottle flies, face flies, flesh flies, and more. One of the key benefits of this type of fly trap is that they are really made with the intention of killing flies.

This means that they do not trap or kill flying insects that are beneficial like butterflies and bees. Most insect traps and insecticides are harmful to almost all types of insects, including those that are not considered pests. For this reason, fly traps are created to specifically target flies.

How It Works

The best way to segregate flies from other insects is to lure them to the traps. Stinky fly traps produce a certain smell that flies mistake for food. Upon smelling, the flies would swarm the fly traps and get stuck on its adhesive surface.

They will not be able to escape until they meet their death. The use of stinky fly traps is not just the most practical way of exterminating flies but also the safest method of doing so. There are no harmful chemicals used and no other insects or plants are harmed.

Characteristics of The Stinky Fly Trap

Stinky fly traps often come in plastic bags that contain the fly attractant. This stinky attractant serves as a bait to flies where they find it hard to resist. Stinky attractants from these traps are made of feed and food ingredients and other floor flavoring agents that are just generally recognized as safe for other living creatures.

Upon purchase of these fly traps, the attractants are in dormant mode. They are usually sealed under an outer covering that can be easily detached once the trap is ready to use.

After peeling the outer covering, the stinky fly trap is ready to be set out in the open. Simply leave the fly trap in the same area for several hours, preferably the entire afternoon. After using, the traps have to be disposed in order to avoid unwanted odor from the dead flies.

Using These Traps

If you must use your trap, you should activate your attractant either by exposing them under the heat of the sun or by adding water to the plastic bag. Once they are activated, they will be able to release a scent that flies are attracted to.

And you know what happens, Flies are tempted, they get inside the trap, they are trapped inside and can no longer come out, and then they die after drowning in the water.

It only takes a few minutes to kill a fly using this product. The flies are not killed by the scent but by their inability to move and the lack of air while in the trap.

Placing The Traps In The Right Places

Usually, a stinky fly trap is used outdoors. Experts recommend placing them between 20 and 30 feet away from your living spaces outdoors. You can hang your stinky fly traps in the following locations:

  • Near trash and garbage cans
  • Somewhere near the dog kennel but far from the each of your dogs
  • Beef cattle, dairy, sheep, and poultry areas
  • Any outdoor fly-infested areas
  • Around campsites

Benefits of Stinky Fly Traps

There are a lot of benefits to using a stinky fly trap for your home. As mentioned above, they are eco-friendly as well as user-friendly and ozone-friendly. They are not toxic so they are safe around your pets and children. You will not have a hard time using them and assembling them. The use of even one unit of this trap can effective catch more or less 20,000 flies in total. They are budget-friendly.

You can use a single unit for the whole month in getting rid of flies around your home. If you want a more practical method, you can go for sticky tape traps instead. This type of fly trap can only be used once and has to be disposed of right after.

Nonetheless, it costs a lot cheaper and is more convenient to use. Tape traps can kill a huge number of flies in an entire day. You do not have to clean the product. You simply throw it to your garbage container and everything should be back to normal.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

They are highly-effective not just among common flies but flies that are resistant to most pesticides. They require minimal maintenance. Also, you can easily dispose of them after you are done using them in a month. Lastly, they only trap and effectively get rid of flies.

They have no effects whatsoever among butterflies, bees, and other beneficial flying insects. The reason for this is that their stinky attractant has been made specifically for solely attracting flies. Flies are easily attracted to the strong smell, especially from those coming from dead bodies.

Animal carcases can be the breeding ground for various specifies of flies which is why disposing of any corpses in your premises is always necessary. If you want to prevent flies from entering your home, cleaning your premises is just the prerequisite.

You must take preventive measures to make sure that flies will not start to breed inside or outside your property. If the flies are coming indoors, you must locate the breeding ground of the flies and exterminate them from their source. You can either use the traditional fly trap or a fly spray.