Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer

Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer Residential Fighter Review

Flies are really annoying. And they can definitely ruin your day. This is actually a fact that most homeowners attest to. And without a doubt, anyone can agree with this. So, if you are experiencing this kind of concern as well in your home, you may want to check this Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer Residential Fighter review.

The Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer Residential Fighter

Flowtron Outdoor Products is a pretty young brand. As it happens, the name first started as a small division under the mother company, Armatron International, which has been in the radio industry since 1920.

Through this division, the company was able to research and produce Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killervariations of electric fly killers and insect killing devices that have helped many homeowners in recent times. And one of their most popular products is the Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer Residential Fighter.

Apparently, this electric fly killer is one of its kind. With its patented no-clog killing grid, it has become a very highly rated insect killing device on the current market. But of course, it also features other functions that make it so effective and efficient. And this quick review will help you learn these details. Eventually, we will get to know if this is the most deadly fly killer that would fit your needs.

Features and Specifications

The Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer is known for its blacklight energy. As it happens, it offers up to 120 watts of this energy form. And this is mainly the variable that provides the powerful ultraviolet luring power.

Many users say that this product can outstand its other competitions on the current market. In fact, most of them contended that it can provide up to five times more luring power. And this is actually the factor why, for them, it is the best electric insect killing device today.

Aside from these things, Flowtron apparently claims that the MC9000 Fly Killer is now the industry’s top performer. Thanks to its five 600 peak volt killing grid, the claim might be true in theory. And it might as the actual users largely testify to this claim.

As for its bulb, the Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer Residential Fighter features three Bf150 bulbs. While the reports dramatically state that it is very convenient to replace them, many actual users have shared that it would need a replacement every year.

For some, this is a drawback for the product. But for others, this is already a good tell that the bulbs can last much longer than the other competitions on the market today.

Structure and Durability

As mentioned, this product from Flowtron features a patented no-clog killing grid. This means that you no longer need to worry about the insect build-up in the process. This is because the feature naturally eliminates and prevents the initial build-up that only causes the clogging, flare-ups, and short circuits.

Alongside the patented feature, most of the actual consumers and users state that it is a very durable electric fly killer. The structure is sturdy and firm which makes the hassles much less on the user’s end. Also, it offers a weatherproofing application. So, not only that you can utilize indoors, but it also ideal for outdoor purposes. And whether it is a sunny or rainy day, the Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer would help you repel, prevent, and kill flies and other pests.

Appearance and Build

Being sturdy and firm are some of the factors that make up its success on the market. But aside from these things, the overall build and appearance of the MC9000 Fly Killer have their own merits as well.

It actually comes in a dark moss green color. And with this kind of hue, it offers more luring functions to the pests. In fact, it has been seen that this color range attracts more pests and insects. So, the effectiveness and efficiency are already ensured even in the appearance and build of the product.

In addition, it has been already mentioned that it is also ideal for outdoor Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killeruses. You can actually hang this on your porch or somewhere outside since the build already comes with a ring on top of its structure.

Its dimensions are rated at 20.38 inches in height, 9.5 inches in width, and 9.5 in length. But while it may appear like a huge device, it is very light in its weight. As it happens, the overall weight is rated at 13 pounds.

A few users have pointed out that these ratings are somewhat too big for them. Others, however, find it just fitting considering that it would catch and attract more insects, especially if intended to utilize for outdoor purposes.

Cost and Warranty Terms

Originally, the Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer Residential Fighter comes with a total price that falls under $300 But since this is a hefty cost for some homeowners, the price went down a little under $250.

Unfortunately, this is the main drawback of the product. But even so, it is still worth noting that this electric fly killer is a heavy-duty type. And the price seemingly appears to make up for its overall functions and structure. Hence, a lot of consumers still see it as a suitable rating for the product.

For this price, it also comes with a consumer replaceable part terms. Moreover, it includes a maintenance-free operation. As for the warranty terms, these are not largely disseminated. So, that is also considered to be a drawback.

Final Thoughts On Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer Residential Fighter

All in all, the Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer Residential Fighter is a great insect killing device. While it has its downsides, these are all pretty normal considering that no product is actually perfect.

But even so, there are still much cheaper models and brands that one could find on the market. Nevertheless, it is still worth noting that this is a very heavy-duty product which can actually justify its value.

So, if cost and price are huge factors in your buying decisions, then you may want to check other products on the market. But if not, this might be a perfect option for you.

Now, if you want to learn more about the Flowtron MC9000 Fly Killer Residential Fighter, this video might help you: