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Fly Remedies – Keeping Your Home Fly-Proof

Flies are a common source of annoyance at home. Most homeowners cannot stand the sight and sound of them. Whether indoors or outdoors, just seeing them buzzing around your drinks and food is not a pleasant sight to fathom.  This is why different fly remedies are sought today.

Fly Species and Their Abundance

Apparently, there are different fly species across the globe. While some fly species will not bother you, there are some that are capable of biting you.

Also, flies are closely associated with food poisoning, diarrhea, dysentery, and typhoid fever cases. Food contamination due to fly infestation is very common in many homes across the world. Some diseases associated with flies can even result in casualties.

Thinking of these all, you must learn and be knowledgeable about some known fly remedies. You will definitely want to exterminate flies in your property in the soonest time possible. There are many possible remedies that you can do at home without the need to call for professional fly and pest exterminators.

Common Flies

The most common flies that you can find in your home include stable flies, fruit flies, latrine or flesh flies, blow flies, little house flies, and house flies. Compared with the other fly species, stable flies are known to bite the living creatures that they infest.

There are certain methods that you can employ to keep your home fly-proof. When all else fails, however, and flies have now gotten inside of your home, it is best that you look for effective fly traps that you can buy or if possible, you can also make your own fly traps.

Fly-killing products are generally effective in eliminating flies. However, in order to make them work efficiently, you should know what to use and how to use the right fly traps. There are various kinds of fly traps out there and choosing the most suitable one can be quite a dilemma.

Nonetheless, most fly traps today are very affordable so you do not have to worry about spending too much.

Effective Fly Remedies Today

To keep your home free from flies, you must enhance your knowledge about fly remedies and the flies itself. It is important that you remember that most fly control measures will have to depend on what time of the year you use them. Basically, fly removal methods that work during the winter season are never the same as those that work during the summer season. But come the summer season, you can always expect the number of flies to rapidly increase in numbers. One way to have them out of your house is to find their breeding grounds and remove them.

Exterminating flies from their source is the best way of permanently removing them from your property. However, it is not very easy to locate the breeding ground of flies. Flies can breed at almost any location, as long as nearby food sources are available. This is the reason why using pest control products that can effectively kill flies wherever they are is very important.

Fly sprays are very effective products in killing a number of flies in the home. You can use them in possible areas where flies might breed. The only downside to this product is some of the brands contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to plants and pets. Thus, choosing the right brands carefully is critical.

Natural Steps To Get Rid of Flies

You have to clean common sources of flies such as your dog kennels and garbage cans. You might also consider controlling their numbers by using insecticides that target surfaces where most flies rest. If you need to kill them quickly while making sure that there are no residues, you can use aerosol fly sprays. These fly remedies are effective at giving you fast results while making sure that when you use them, the people, food, and pets around you are just safe.

When the winter season comes, make sure to keep all of the cracks in your flooring and walls properly sealed. If you see entry points, keep them screened. Flies during the winter season hide in these spaces to wait for the summer season or warmer months to come back. You may even use some spray insecticides made to repel flies.

Fly-Killing and Repelling Products

When choosing the right spray, you must carefully read the container labels and see if the spray contains harmful chemicals. Usually, fly sprays are quite toxic but only to a tolerable level. That is why they should not be sprayed near plants and pets. Some sprays also contain natural ingredients that are eco-friendly. These sprays, however, are only able to repel flies and not kill them.

Another effective way of keeping flies from your home is to keep your pet food and outdoor garbage bins well maintained and cleaned. Also, use screens and have them properly installed in your doors and windows.

In a nutshell, the key to keeping flies away from your home is improving your sanitation practices in order for the effective prevention and removal of breeding areas. Cover or remove your trash as necessary and clean any animal waste or feed that is spilled. Never ignore any visible dirt in your premises.

Flies can infest and breed in all sorts of dirt. Other than that, keeping your food stored in the sealed container is important. Avoid letting your food out in the open as flies can get attracted to it. Always make sure sanitation is observed in all areas of the home. Nonetheless, even if your home is properly maintained, you may still need to use aerosol sprays to repel flies that come from outside.

Final Thoughts

You just really have to remember that taking a more preventive approach in keeping flies away from your home is your first move as well as reduction of their breeding grounds then followed by the use of insecticides or pesticides.

But if nothing seems to work, it is best that you seek a pest control company to help you deal with your fly problem more effectively. You may end up spending more on professional services but you will surely get the results you want.

Not only will they exterminate flies from indoor sources but also around your premises.