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Repel Insect Fogger 190397 Propane Review

Outings and campings are fun things to do with your family and loved ones. But it will be a huge loss on your end if the area is infested with flying pests like flies and wasps. I’ve actually experienced the same thing a few years back. And to tell you, it was a huge mess. So, we ended up packing our things and just went home. Upon sharing this messy yet exciting camping story of mine, a friend of ours suggested that we try a fly killer device from Repel. And so we did. Therefore, I want to share my experience with the popular Repel Insect Fogger 190397 Propane.

For those who are looking for a great fly killer device or tool for their own purposes, this quick review might help you. But if not, you may want to check this other story of mine about making a homemade fly trap.

About The Repel Insect Fogger 190397 Propane

My chums shared their own pest experiences. And through these their so-called nightmares, they were able to find the most appropriate fly killer device fitting for their needs. And quite obviously, they’ve introduced me to the Repel Insect Fogger 190397 Propane.

At first, I thought that this is just an ordinary fly and insect killing device. repel insect foggerYou know, the ones that come with UV bulbs and metal grids. But as it happened, this product from Repel is quite different. And so I was surprised when I checked it over the internet.

The first impressions that I have with this Insect Fogger are not really pleasant. I thought it’s too big, heavy, and not convenient for me. But things have changed when my friends brought it over to let me try it out. Consequently, I changed my mind. In fact, I bought the same model right away as preparation for our next family trip camping.

Buying The Products

Buying the Repel Insect Fogger 190397 Propane is quite easy. It did not elicit me any struggle or inconvenience as I received the product before the supposed arrival. And because of this, it made me so glad.

For a price that falls below $75, personally, I think it’s too expensive. But upon trying it out on our first trip, I realized it is actually worth it. Even so, it does not change the fact that it costs more than the average ones on the current market. And take note that the propane cylinder, which is essential as it is the very responsible aspect as to why it would function, is sold separately.

The propane cylinder that I purchased was the Bernzomatic Standard Propane Fuel Cylinder. It actually fits the Repel model that I have perfectly. And not to mention that for a price that falls below $30, it comes in three canisters already.

As for the fogging insecticide, the Repel Insect Fogger features one Repel Fogging Insecticide. So by the time that we finished the whole bottle, I need to replace it with a new one.

Fortunately, the compatible fogging insecticide canisters for this Repel model are quite too many. Hence, there was a lot to choose from. And so I went with the Black Flag 190255 Flying Insect Killer. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle that no longer requires shaking or mixing. You can actually purchase this together with the Repel Insect Fogger for an additional $10 to $15 in totality.

Using The Whole Kit of Repel Insect Fogger

Inserting the propane cylinder and the insecticide canister is quite easy. It repel insect foggerwould only take a few minutes to finish the job. And once they are in place, you can already utilize the Repel Insect Fogger to kill the flying pests, even the crawling ones.

Apparently, the Insect Foggers can produce up to seven times much finer than mist. So, it can directly penetrate and infiltrate any area of concern. Once the flies, mosquitoes, and other flying pests had direct contact with the fog, they were killed immediately.

After 5 to 8 minutes, the fog normally disappears. But the effects last longer than the average product on the market today. Based on what we’ve done a few months ago, it appears that we’ve experienced an insect-free camping site for about 5 to 6 hours after fogging the area with the Repel Insect Fogger.

Theoretically, the brand claims that in one usage, the product can cover up to 5000 square feet of area. And personally, that is a very ideal figure if intending to use for camping purposes and outdoor applications.

Pros and Advantages

In all truthfulness, the Repel Insect Fogger 190397 Propane is a very effective and efficient fly killer. In fact, it does not only cover flying pests and insects, but it also covers other kinds of pests. So, that is really a good point to share with individuals who are looking for something like this.

In addition to its efficiency, the product is very easy to use. Although at first, it would require you to read the manuals, it will not take too much of your time. In just a matter of a few minutes, you and your product will be okay to go.

It is also worth noting that the unit is very lightweight and compact. Having only a total of 3.9 pounds, you can actually bring this anywhere with you.

Cons and Drawbacks

While I express my truest adoration for the Repel Insect Fogger 190397 Propane, I really find the overall cost of the unit, along with its necessary components, pretty expensive.

The Black Flag 190255 Flying Insect Killer is definitely a good complementary insecticide. But obviously, it requires an additional cost, as well as the Bernzomatic Standard Propane Fuel Cylinder.

So, all in all, it is like spending a price below $200 for the whole kit including all the canisters and propane cylinders.

Even so, for me, it is a very ideal product. But if the cost and price play a huge role in your buying decisions, then you may want to check other models and brands on the market.

On another note, you are also welcome to check this video for additional information about the Repel Insect Fogger 190397 Propane: