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RESCUE! Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap

The is the leading product behind reducing local fly populations all over. RESCUE! is a very trustworthy brand, with some seriously good traps, one of which being the RESCUE! Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap. This trap is insanely effective for an incredibly cheap price. With these out on the market, it’s hard to justify why you would even go about making your own fly traps.

These are well worth the price and go absolutely above and beyond the usual expectations of performance. Whether it’s a large or small fly problem, this will surely benefit you in your fly catching venture. I mentioned this product in my Best Fly Killers Guide.

How It Works

The RESCUE! Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap is an attractant trap, meaning it attracts whatever pest it’s trying to get rid of. The attractant is foul smelling and will bait flies from miles around. Because of this, it’s only recommended to use if your fly problem is persistent and they’ll be attracted to your yard anyways.

The flies fly into the trap, attracted to the bait, and once they reach the end of the entry funnel, they are unable to escape. This is not because the entry closes itself, but because the flies intrinsically do not understand how to get out, nor can they develop the flight pattern to do so.

Features and Specifications

The product comes with a special compartment that stores the carcasses of the dead flies. This compartment can be detached for easy disposal of the collected pests. This fly trap is highly efficient in areas where fly infestations are dominant. It can trap hundreds of flies in just a few minutes. It does not use any electricity which means it is very cost-efficient for long time use. Aside from that, this fly trap does not use toxic chemicals to kill flies, unlike the typical insecticides.

The smell uses to attract flies only mimics rotten fruits which are the usual breeding areas of flies. Flies are very elusive creatures but they can never escape the fly trap once they are in. The best thing about this device is that you can place it anywhere in the property, although placing it near the windows is highly recommended.

Why Buy The RESCUE! Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap

RESCUE! has created the ultimate fly trap on the pest control market. If you are to buy a single fly trap, buy this one. It excels vastly in its field and does more than any other trap. It’ll go above and beyond meeting your expectations of fly trapping needs!

Why is this? The trap has such a good attractant, that it draws in practically every fly in a mile’s radius.

The product is even said to be able to hold up to 20,000 flies. This is one of those few products that truly does deserve a five-star rating. There is also a larger version (known as the “Big Bag”), which will hold more than double the flies. I have never seen such an overwhelming amount of success in a single product in this market before. The trap does what it says and goes above and beyond in doing so. This is a must buy if you have a fly problem around your home.

Cost and Price

Another reason why you should buy this product is that of its cost. It does not come with a hefty price tag unlike other fly traps out there. You do not have to break the bank just to get rid of flies in your property. This device offers not just an affordable method of exterminating flies but also a permanent solution to the problem. Many homeowners have already tried using this device and they expressed their satisfaction with it.

If you are only planning to use this product indoors, this is highly recommended to you. You do not have to operate it always because it will do its work on its own. No hassle of work is required. All you have to do is leave the device near the entry points of flies and it will do its job effectively.

Cons of The Rescue! Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap

With all that said, there are a few drawbacks, one of which being the smell. The smell is absolutely outrageous and is incredibly strong. This is why it is recommended to put close to only areas with flies and 20ft away from areas with usual daily activity.

The Rescue! Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap absolutely reeks of a vile smell which is used to attract the flies and it goes without saying that this will go on to attract as many flies smell the foul odor. This product also requires regular cleanup since the build-up of dead flies inside the device can cause an unwanted smell.


As said at the beginning of the article, with such an effective trap, it’s hard to reason why you would ever go about making your own when these are both affordable and effective. This is a fly trap that every homeowner should consider having.

Although it does not perform as effectively as the electric fly traps, it is still a good buy for homeowners who are looking for an effective and energy-efficient solution to their fly problems. The product is not expensive at all so there is no risk in trying it out. With the efficiency and durability of the device, you will not even have the time to think about the cost. There are already many homeowners who have tried using this device. All of them are happy with what they can do.

A significant decrease in the number of flies inside the home is largely observable after a few days of continuous usage. This fly trap does not require any intense cleaning since it is disposable. Once the product is full of fly carcasses, simply dispose of it properly and you can then use another one. The RESCUE! Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap is very easy to use and does not require any assembly or juice just to get it started. Just leave it out in the open and you should see the results in no time.

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