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Top Signs of Fly Infestation At Home

Having flies inside your home is very annoying. Aside from the fact that it can be a health risk factor, flies buzzing around your surroundings can be nuisance. While having one or two around is not necessarily a huge concern, it still might be a sign of a fly infestation.

Apparently, it is not necessarily alarming when you see a fly or two. However, if you always see tons of them flying around your house, this might already be a fly problem that needs addressing.

Typically, seeing flies, especially during summer season and warm weather months, is normal. What’s not normal is when large groups of flies already cause hindrances to your activities inside the house. Accordingly, this is one of the first signs of a fly infestation.

If you want to know more about flies, you may read this post here. But, if you are more interested in learning the signs of a fly infestation, then continue to read on.

Top Signs of Fly Infestation

It is worth noting that learning the signs will help you resolve the concern much better. Through and by this way, you can get to know which fly-killing solutions will be more effective on your end.

Light and Water Attraction

The first sign of infestation is having groups of flies in areas where there is fly infestationlight and water. Keep in mind that these places are their top attractions. Not only that they are drawn into it, these spots also serve as their breeding places.

You may want to check you gutter, lighting fixtures, garbage piles, and garbage bins. These are the areas where flies would always go to. When you see tons of them in these spots, then your fly problem is already an apparent sign of fly infestation.

Open Food Sources

Aside from breeding spaces and spots, the next attractions that flies go to are the open food sources. When you leave a bowl of a meal on the table with nothing to cover it, and you see flies hovering and flying over it, then it’s already a sign of a bad fly problem.

Open food sources means nutrition for them. While each type of fly would have different food preferences, just by having an tons of flies where food are accessible is already a clear sign.

Dead Flies Around

Another top sign of a fly infestation inside your home is when you see dead flies around. This is because – when flies die, it only means that they have stayed for too long inside your home. And this goes to show that there is something inside your house that keeps them attracted. In short, there is a spot in your home where they are drawn to.

So, when you see dead flies inside your home, especially the next morning after your annoying encounter with flies, this only means that you already have a bad fly and pest problem. And to resolve this, you may want to check this Repel Insect Fogger 190397 Propane Review.

Regular Sighting of Maggots and Flies

Seeing flies and maggots inside your home only means that there is an apparent fly infestation, especially when you see them all the time. Keep in mind that maggots are flies’ larval stage. And this probably means that there is a breeding site in the area.

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