Some Fast Facts About Fly Tapes

Flies are a common occurrence in various areas of the globe. However, there are some areas that are more susceptible to fly infestation. If you live in one of these areas, then you know how annoying these buzzing creatures can be. Good thing there are fly tapes!

While most flies do not carry with them harmful diseases, there are some flies that do. With the many fly species buzzing around you, of course, you can never determine which ones are disease-causing and which ones are not. So, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to matters concerning fly infestation. Consider getting a flypaper or quite known as fly tapes.

If your home has an increasing number of flies, it is time that you take some serious action. As you know by now, there are several methods and tools that you can use to eradicate flies, control them, or both. One of the most common methods of getting rid of flies is the use of fly tapes. These traditional but effective tool comes in different names. You may call them fly ribbons as well as fly papers. Either way, they function in more or less the same way.

Basically, a fly tape is just a piece of paper that comes with a specific coat of substance. This substance is often sweet in fragrance and comes with strong adhesive properties. Simply put, if you are looking for a tool to get rid of flies in a cheaper and more environmentally friendly manner, then this is the fly eradication method for you. This tool is best used in dealing with the common house fly as well as drain flies, fruit flies, horse flies, deer flies, cluster flies, blow flies, and gnats.

How do fly tapes work?

This fly tool works with the fact that flies have a sense of smell that is very strong. As mentioned above, this tool comes with a fly-attracting substance that comes with adhesive properties. This substance present in the tool can emit either pheromone or food-based fragrances. In the past, the coating that was used on this particular fly tool was toxic not just to flies but to humans as well.

Today, the scent that this tool emits is no longer toxic and is usually undetected and very faint among humans. However, in terms of flies with their strong sense of smell, they easily get lured into it. And once they land on the paper, they have no way of escaping it as they get stuck. If they will struggle more, they will stick more strongly to the tool.

Where can you use fly tapes?

Fly tapes are for both indoor use and outdoor use. Usually, these fly control tools are best used by hanging them in areas where most flies are present or come in many numbers. These areas usually include near entrance and exit points of your home or property, your trash cans, your window panes, and the like.

When using this fly control tool indoors, make sure to regularly change them if a lot of flies are already stuck on them since this can be an unattractive site to look at. Additionally, if you use this tool outdoors, you still have to change it after a few days. This is to ensure its efficiency as it may easily get dusty.