The Best Fly Poison Products That You Can Use

Fruit flies are annoying and can sometimes disturb the peace and quiet that you have going in your own home. If you are beginning to observe that there is more presence of these flies, you must be able to control and put an end to them.

The best method of getting rid of these flies is to locate and get rid of their sources. You can also start to control the larvae by getting rid of the breeding areas. Of course, you should also use some of the best fly poison products out there as well as traps to capture and kill the adult flies.

There are many products today that can effectively kill flies and choosing the right one will depend entirely on the season and specific environmental conditions.

With the many brands of fly poison products today, you might have a hard time choosing the most suitable one for you. Continue reading the article and you will eventually learn how to make the right choice.

The Best Fly Poison Products of Today

If there is a constant presence of adult fruit flies, this means that there are still larvae around. Typical sources of fruit flies are rotting or decaying organic matter like vegetables and fruits, hence their name. Fruit flies can also start to breed in moist areas for as long as food sources as available nearby.

Understanding Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can multiply in great numbers in just a few weeks and exterminating using over-the-counter products may no longer be possible. You may already need to hire professional services in eliminating flies and other pests in your home if the infestation is all at its severe condition.

Usually, the breeding areas of fruit flies can be a challenge to locate. You may try taking a look at areas around and under various equipment and furniture in your food areas, bars, and kitchens. Also, try looking at your trash cans. These are the usual places that fruit flies lay their eggs. The other more uncommon areas that you can also try checking to include your floor drains as well as your plants.

Solving Fruit Fly Problesms

Always keep in mind that fruit flies will never disappear unless you find their breeding sites. Once you find them, you can then concentrate your efforts in the area like using the best fly poison products and traps to get rid of all of them once and for all.

Some fly poison products can be used without the need for locating the source of the fly infestation. Fly tape traps, for example, can be set in an open area and will attract fruit flies wherever they are.

If you want an effective product for eliminating a number of fruit flies in a short amount of time, you should consider using fly tape traps.

CB80 and PT 565 Pyrethrum Aerosol

With the increasing presence of fruit flies, there is a need to secure only the best fly poison products in the current market. You may want to try insecticide fogs like the CB80 and the PT 565 pyrethrum aerosol that you can spray in the air to kill adult fruit flies.

You just have to spray these products for three seconds in the air and they can surely kill the most fruit flies in the area. Aerosol sprays are highly effective in exterminating flies and other small pests. However, they can be dangerous to other living things as well.

Some sprays contain toxic chemicals that can harm plants, pets, and small insects that you do not intend to kill. For this reason, you must carefully choose a fly spray that only targets flies and other pests.

Typically, these sprays only contain a tolerable amount of harmful chemicals that should not pose any harm to you and your plants and pets.

Gentrol IGR Aerosol

You can also use these products to spray behind and under equipment and furniture and some crevices, cracks, and hidden areas. You can also consider using the Gentrol IGR Aerosol that comes with a growth regulator application for drains, crevices, and cracks.

This is effective in killing the eggs of fruit flies and in putting an end to immature larvae to develop into adult fruit flies. Once the chemicals have settled and killed flies, you should immediately clean all the sprayed areas in your home.

If you sprayed on your furniture, it is important that you wipe the surface clean to avoid any possible damages on the property. Some sprays may contain strong chemicals that can damage furniture and other materials over time.

CyKick CS Spray

Another highly recommended best fly poison product that you can use is the CyKick CS spray that is a handheld pump sprayer.

Yon can use it behind and under equipment, furniture, and tables as well as over the top of organic matter with the likes of food, beer, and trash to control fruit flies. It is recommended, though, that whichever areas you will have it sprayed on, you have to clean the areas first.

You can also spray CyKick into baseboards, dumpsters, trash cans, and other similar areas. Besides fruit flies, this product is also effective in getting rid of crawling pests like cockroaches. The use of this product should not be done daily.

Reserve a day of the week for the extermination of pests in your home using this spray. It only takes a few minutes before the chemicals take effect so as much as possible, take your plants and pets out of the area while using the product. You will need to use a face mask while the spray to avoid inhaling its harmful properties.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to fruit fly control, just remember that fruit flies will never disappear if there are sources of breeding inside and around of your home that they are attracted to.

But once, you get rid or reduce these breeding areas, you can then proceed to trap and kill these adult fruit flies easily using the best fly poison products in the current market. Take action while the infestation is still at its early stages so you will not have to worry about the cost of professional services.