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What is The Best Fly Killer – Electric Fly Traps

What is the best fly killer of today?

Flies are a constant issue among most households. There are a lot of methods to effectively get rid of flies.

Fly traps and fly killer devices can effectively kill flies in just a matter of hours. They can be purchased at a local store at affordable costs. Another method for getting rid of flies that is really effective is through hiring professional pest control services.

But such services can be quite costly, especially if the infestation is already severe. Fly trapping products are still considered the more economical option. However, as hectic as your schedules get, for sure, you want a quick answer to the question, ‘what is the best fly killer?’

To get the answer, read this short article now!

All About Fly Killers

If you are on the hunt for the best fly killer to get rid of your fly problem, then you should consider getting electric fly traps that are also called bug zappers. As the name implies, this equipment utilizes electricity to get rid of insects. 

Electric fly traps come in standard designs. You have the square variants and you also have the boxes that bear a lantern shape. Either way, these devices comprise a double layer of electrified metal wire mesh, a transformer, and a light bulb that attracts insects.

When the flies become attracted to the light, they go through the mesh spaces until they come in contact with the circuit. Upon contact, the flies immediately get zapped and killed just like that. Electric fly traps use electricity to power up.

Although they do not consume that much energy, continuous usage can lead to an increase in your electric bills. Fortunately, modern innovations have been incorporated to energy-saving electric fly traps. Modern electric fly traps can now be used even overnight without having to worry about your utility bills.

So, what is the best fly killer?

These electric fly traps can be utilized both outdoors and indoors. Nonetheless, if you are going to be getting one, you have to choose one according to your purpose. Never use an outdoor electric fly trap indoors. This can be very dangerous.

Outdoor fly traps have more potent smell to attract most types of flies. If you try to use them indoors, you might smell an unwanted oodorin your property. Outdoor electric fly traps are mainly used for exterminating huge numbers of flies in one go. They are also generally bigger in size compared to their indoor counterparts.

Indoor electric fly traps are more portable and can be used anywhere inside the house. If you are noticing a lot of flies in your kitchen area, the best place to install one is just right next to the nearest window of the kitchen. The main entry point of flies is typically the windows.

Benefits and Importance

A lot of benefits can be obtained when you use a reliable electric fly trap to get rid of flies inside and outside of your home. For starters, compared with other methods of insect or fly elimination, electric fly traps only leave behind a minimal mess.

Natural and Minimal Residues

With bug sprays, for instance, not only do they leave behind a lot of bug carcasses around your home but also, they are capable of releasing harsh chemicals into the air you breathe. Insecticide sprays can be very harmful also to plants and pets.

Although they are very effective in killing flies, its consequences might still not be worth it. However, there are fly sprays today that contain all natural ingredients. The downside is they are only able to repel flies and not kill them. The traditional insecticide sprays that contain strong chemicals are the only ones that can successfully exterminate flies.

Though generally, these chemicals are safe if you will use them properly, you are still exposing your family to these harmful chemicals. Second, choosing fly strips over electric fly traps can have unsightly results in the end.

For sure, you do not want to touch these strips that have insect carcasses adhering in them. By using an electric fly trap for both indoor and outdoor use, you will expect them to have their own collection container. In this container, you will see all the bug carcasses that have been zapped by the device.

Electric fly traps are also reusable unlike the fly strips. You can clean them easily since the compartment where the carcases of the flies are stores can be easily detached. It only takes a few hours before you will notice hundreds of flies dying inside your fly killer device.

Reuse and Recycle

Another benefit to using an electric fly trap to get rid of flies is that they are reusable. With fly strips and bug sprays, you have to replace them frequently. Also, using indoor electric fly traps is more appealing inside of your home than using fly strips. Both you and your house guests do not clearly want to go inside of your home with the site of dead flies all around you. There are some electric fly traps that come with lantern designs where they can easily blend with your indoor or outdoor decorations. They can be disguised as air fresheners or diffusers for their looks. Electric fly traps can still look classy even though dead flies are already inside.

Electric Fly Traps

The use of electric fly traps is not just limited to getting rid of flies, they are also effective at getting rid of gnats and all other flying insects that invade the inside and outside of your home. If you must use your device indoors, you should position them in places where you observe a large number of bugs.

Mosquitoes, for example, can also be exterminated through the use of these devices. These insects are also great carriers of diseases that can be lethal to human beings. If you decide to have an electric fly trap in your home, you should make sure to have a quality one that can kill not just flies but other types of small pests.

Next time someone asks you the question what is the best fly killer, now you know that electric fly traps is the best answer and a device worthy of investment.