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Important Factors to Consider Asking About What is a Good Fly Killer

Do you ask yourself from time to time what is a good fly killer?

Are mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects always disturbing you and the other people living inside of your home?

Do you loathe being disrupted by that buzzing sound you hear when you have finally found some peace and quiet reading your favorite book?

If you try to look around, you see a mosquito. And it does not just stop buzzing around you, it decides to get a taste of you by biting you and sucking your blood and then flying away as if they have done nothing. Other than that, the mere presence of pests in your home will make you question your own sanitation.

Most pests thrive in a place where there are food sources, and to tell you, pests do not choose their food. Flies, for example, can feast on dead animals, rotten fruits, meat, fecal materials, and garbage. During these times, you might come to ask yourself, ‘what is a good fly killer?’

So, What Is A Good Fly Killer?

Of course, you have asked this question yourself as well as other home owners out there. Who does not want to get rid of these flies and insects for good, right?

Protect yourself, protect your family, and protect every living creature living inside of your household from these blood-thirsty and disruptive mosquitoes, moths, flies, and other insects just lurking in every corner of your home.

You surely do not want to get diseases that are very expensive to treat just because of small pests. Taking preventive measures to control these pests is considered to be more practical than paying for hospital bills.

Flies, as the prime example, are great carriers of various diseases. They can multiply in large numbers and can contaminate your food without you knowing. Not only you are at risk with flies but also everyone around you, including your pets.

Protection From Insects and Pests

In the present, you have a number of ways to protect yourself and those living inside of your home from insects. You can use insect repellent lotions, insect killing tools, and now, electrically-operated insect killers. The origin of the word ‘zap’ actually comes from the sound that is made once an insect is electrocuted.

Fly killer products are readily available for purchase at most local stores. There are cheap ones and expensive ones, depending on the variation and the brand.

Disposable and dangerous fly killers, such as tape traps, are very effective in killing a number of flies but are not considered the permanent solution to pest infestation. There is still a huge chance that the flies will still come back after some time. Targeting the main source of the infestation is still the best way to control the pest population in your premises.

Factors To Consider

If you are thinking of buying a good fly killer and wondering what is a good fly killer, here are some important factors to consider when choosing one.

Protected area

Determine the dimensions of the area you want covered by your fly killer. All electric fly killers have been designed to protect and cover a certain area. Typical range of cover is between 32 square meters and 400-500 square meters. If you are not noticing swarms of flies in your property, there is no need to extend the perimeters.

Fly killers that can kill flies within the boundaries of your home should suffice. Besides, flies are not considered harmful until they enter your house. If you simply need to exterminate flies in your kitchen, there is no need to purchase an expensive fly killer.

Energy saving

How much power will the electric fly killer consume once you will plug it in your power source for a certain period of time?

Before you buy any fly killer, always make sure to look at their loading and power specifications. There are units that can save between 30 and 70 percent of energy consumption.

A good fly killer should be as effective as every cent you spend on its electricity consumption. Not all electric fly killers out there are energy efficient. You might be left wondering why your electric bill suddenly went up. Electric fly killers do not have to be plugged all day.

Flies do not hunt for food at night which is why the optimal time to use the electric fly killer is during the day, preferably during high noon.


The bigger, the better is not always applicable with electric fly killers. There are fly killers that come in small and portable sizes but still come with the same strength as bigger fly killers with the dimensions of 675mm x 110mm x 370mm.

Thus, be sure to choose one wisely. It would be best if you ask for an advice to the salesman for the suitable dimension for a fly killer. In certain situations, portable sizes are more preferred.

Area of use

Where do you plan to have your electric fly killers installed or placed? Should you use it outdoors or indoors? If you are thinking of placing it in a damp environment, then you must be sure to get a fly killer that is waterproof


The present electric fly killers that are being sold in the market now consider the environment. That being said, they have become friendlier to the environment without any use of pollution. These devices are now free of smells, fumes, and other harmful chemicals to the environment and any living beings.

Although most electric fly killers today are still made of plastic hardware, they do not pose a threat to the environment. There are long lasting and do not need any disposable until worn out. It might take several years before an electric fly killer deteriorates as long as it is properly maintained.

Ease of use

A good electric fly killer should be easy to use straight from the box. You just have to follow the steps or instructions indicated in the manual that it comes with, plug the device, and let it do its magic.

So if asking what is a good fly killer, then it should be that easy. It must be user-friendly for amateur users. That way, a lot more people would want to grab one.