Tips on The Best Fly Killer for Home

There are a number of ways for you to effectively exterminate flies inside of your homes. You may use the best fly killer for  home to get rid of them or get the services of a professional fly control company.

When you decide to get the services of these companies, be sure to choose a reliable company and there is no doubt that these flies inside of your home will be removed effectively.

There are certain steps that most of these fly control companies make sure to follow to effectively get rid of flies inside of the home and make sure that the home gets its well-deserved long-term protection, most especially those who live inside of them.

Many homeowners would consider professional pest control services as the second option for some reasons. One of which is the cost of the services.

Professional pest extermination used to be quite costly but with the improvement of technologies and pest extermination methods today, such services have become significantly cheaper. The process of pest control has become much safer and more effective too.

These are the following steps that these professionals do:

  • Exclusion: To stop flies from entering the inside of your home, roof vents, doors, windows, and the like must be well-proofed. Flies can enter even into the tiniest holes. Any gaps in your windows or doors can be an entry point of flies. This is the reason why even the well-cleaned homes still get flies in some areas. Professionals make sure that every structure in the home is well-built and does not contain any cracks or gaps.


  • Restriction: Homeowners will be taught by these professionals some good housekeeping practices for any breeding sites of these flies to be effectively removed. Prevention is always the best option for pest control. Cleaning the home regularly is not enough to keep flies away from your property. Professional may recommend homeowners to all clean their outer premises. Trash bins must always be closed after being used and pet wastes must be properly and timely disposed of.


  • Destruction: This is the part where the fly control company will be using the best fly killer for a home to get rid of them effectively. The pest control method they will use will depend entirely on the situation. If flies exist in an area of the home that is not used regularly, they will most likely use insecticides that contain strong chemicals to effectively kill flies and other pests. Fly traps and other safe fly killing devices will be used in regular occasions.


  • Monitoring: Even after flies have been exterminated already by these companies, regular inspections must still be done by these companies to ensure that the home is really free from flies. Flies can breed in many different areas, such as rotten fruits, fecal matters, and garbage. Professionals make sure that fly infestation will be stopped permanently. However, even with all their effort, the homeowner should still play the bigger part. Being cautious with the possible breeding sites of flies is the best way to keep them from multiplying.

The Risks of Flies Inside Homes

Having flies inside of your home or any business establishment is not just an inconvenience but also a health risk. Flies are known to carry a wide range of diseases from Salmonella, E. coli, Typhoid, and more.

By hiring a reliable fly control company, you will not have any fly problems inside of your home anymore. You can experience a fly-free home with the right people.

If you think that professional pest control services are just an added expense, consider it as an investment. Besides, such services still cost a lot cheaper than what you have to pay in hospital bills due to diseases coming from flies. Hence, in some way and somehow, this could be the best fly killer for home for you.

DIY: Best Fly Killer For Home

Though hiring these professionals is the best and the most effective way to exterminate some flies indoors, there are some DIY methods that you can utilize so that these flies are gone for good.

Some of the most common DIY fly killers include homemade fly traps. They are not too expensive and are very easy to do to get rid of flies. However, the level of effectiveness will vary from one homeowner to another.  And with how they go about making their very own homemade fly traps.

If you want to make the best fly killer for home, you may try doing the soda bottle trap and the vinegar and dish soap fly trap on your own.

The DIY methods are not yet scientifically proven to be effective but there are many people who already have attested that they are useful. Nonetheless, most homemade fly traps only offer a temporary solution to fly infestations. But it would not hurt if you still give it a try.

Here are some ways to make a homemade fly trap:

Soda bottle traps

1. Use an empty plastic soda bottle.
2. Cut the top third of this bottle.
3. Place some sweet liquid inside the bottom third of the bottle like sugar water.
4. Turn upside down the top third of the bottle to make a cone shape and then place it inside of the larger opening of the bottle.

In this fly trap, the flies will be attracted by the sweet liquid inside, will go inside, and cannot get out anymore.

Vinegar and dish soap fly trap

1. Secure a shallow dish bowl and place a tablespoon of sugar and an inch of apple cider vinegar.
2. Add a dish soap that is fruit scented.
3. You may leave it uncovered or cover it tightly with a plastic wrap.
4. You can poke a few holes in it so that you can better attract flies inside.

If after using the homemade fly trap and you are still observing several flies around your home, you might already have to go to the experts. You and your family’s health are at risk if you neglect those pests.

Get a permanent solution to your problem so that you will not have to be disturbed again in the future. And might as well try these best fly killer for home solutions today.