Wondercide Fly Spray

Wondercide Fly Spray Natural Indoor Pest Control Review

Pests have become one of the most irritating problems of every household. And pests like flies, ants, and roaches, are usually at the top of the list. As it appears, many homeowners spend hefty costs just to fully eradicate these kinds of problems. But did you know that you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to eliminate pests like flies? And this Wondercide Fly Spray Natural Indoor Pest Control review might be the answer for you.

The Wondercide Fly Spray Natural Indoor Pest Control

Since 2008, Wondercide has been already a huge help to many homeowners. Wondercide Fly SprayThis is because the main vision of the company is to protect every household from various risks and potential harm from pests. Also, they aim to assist these homes in a way that is beneficial as well to their environment. This is why all of their products are 100% natural and chemical-free.

Apparently, Wondercide offers a wide range of pest control and fly killer products. But one of the most popular and highly rated pest control products that they cater to the consumers is the Wondercide Fly Spray Natural Indoor Pest Control.

With its natural contents, effective solutions, and affordable cost, one would no longer need to question why it has become one of today’s best fly killer and pest controller products. And in this review, we would learn if it can truly stand up to its fame.

Features and Purposes

The main feature of the Wondercide Fly Spray Natural Indoor Pest Control is to actually treat, repel, prevent, and eliminate pests. And these apparently include roaches, flies, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, fruit flies, earwigs, waterbugs, fleas, and ticks. This is why many homeowners that have infected furry pets also love this product.

With these targets at hand, it seemingly appears that it can repel and kill almost all kinds of pests that can barge inside your home. And this is a good point for the product in comparison to the others that can only target ants and flies.

Many of the actual users largely attest to this main feature and purpose of the Wondercide Fly Spray. As it happened, there are also users who blatantly shared their own experiences with gnats and moths and how this product has helped them.

Contents and Active Ingredients

As mentioned, all products of Wondercide are chemical-free and 100 percent natural. Although some consumers would question this, others, however, attest that this is true.

Upon checking the labels, this Wondercide product does not have any Wondercide Fly Sprayartificial color and fragrance. Also, it does not include synthetic pesticides. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer largely takes pride in its human food-grade ingredients that are all safe for kids and pets at home.

The active ingredients actually include 5.7 percent of cedarwood oil, 2.2 percent of sodium lauryl sulfate, and 0.1 percent of sesame oil. In terms of its inert ingredients, it is composed of water, polyglyceryl oleate, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, citric acid, glycerin, ethyl lactate, and vitamin E that sums up to 92 percent of the composition of the product.

Four Scent Variations

But since there are four different scents that you could choose from, the active ingredients vary. The scent variations include cedar, lemongrass, peppermint, and rosemary.

For lemongrass, the active ingredients include 4.2 percent of cedarwood oil, 2.2 percent of sodium lauryl sulfate, 1.5 percent lemongrass oil, and 0.1 percent sesame oil.

For peppermint, the active ingredients are quite similar. But instead of having the lemongrass oil, it is replaced with peppermint oil. And for the rosemary, it is replaced with 1.5 percent of rosemary oil.

Why Cedar Oil Is The Main Active Ingredient

If you would notice, all of the scent variations of Wondercide Fly Spray Natural Indoor Pest Control shares the same main active ingredient – cedarwood oil. And why is that?

Apparently, cedar oil is a very powerful component in terms of repelling, controlling, and killing pests like flies.

It is worth noting that all insects, bugs, or pests have an octopamine neurotransmitter. Accordingly, this is very essential for them as they are pheromone-driven. And this means that it affects the heart-rate, mobility, and behavior of the pests. So, what does it have to do with cedar oil?

Now, cedar oil essentially affects octopamine. In short, it blocks these neurotransmitters. Hence, this is the main reason why pests repel and stay away from areas that house this kind of oil. In fact, when they obtain the oil directly, the pests suffocate and die immediately. And this is why the Wondercide Fly Spray is a very effective fly killer and pest repellant.

Using and Applying The Product

When using the Wondercide Fly Spray Natural Indoor Pest Control, you need to understand first the intensity of the pests. Do you have the control already or everything is still at large? Are they active or dormant?

These questions are very essential as they would help you how to apply and use effectively the product. With its controllable nozzle, you can fully adjust the product according to your needs.

If the pest concern is active, it is largely recommendable for you to spray the product on the areas of concern twice or thrice a day. Once you gain control over the pests, you may then reduce the number of sprays and, eventually, the overall application.

If using the product mainly for maintenance and prevention, you would want to spray on the areas where the pests would normally reside and start. These may include under the sink, closets, cracks, and dark corners.

For ants and small crawling insects, you would need to spray directly on the trail that they leave behind. Also, in the areas where they usually enter. For flying pests like flies, hornets, and wasps, you should adjust the nozzle to stream and apply generously. And as for roaches and bugs, you may want to spray directly on the areas where they are in contact and other hiding areas.

Final Thoughts On Wondercide Fly Spray Natural Indoor Pest Control

All in all, this Wondercide Fly Spray product is truly a worth-it product. With all the features, contents, and specifications at hand, you would already see how effective this can be. And for a price that falls under $50, you may truly then consider this as a steal.

But if you need more time to decide and you want to learn more about the Wondercide Fly Spray Natural Indoor Pest Control, this video might help you out: